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Essential Oils

Dr. Yamamoto is now incorporating doTERRA essential oils into her veterinary practice, both in the clinic and during house calls.  The amazing thing about essential oils is they are beneficial to both animal patients and clients in SO many ways!  Essential oils are natural supplements that help complement modern medicine to aid in the care, comfort, and healing of diseases in both animals and people.  

During house calls, Dr. Yamamoto may introduce you and your pet to specific essential oils, such as lavender, calming blend, and mood elevating blend, to aid with any stress and/or anxiety.  The overall goal is to make this difficult process as gentle and positive as possible.

For any additional questions about doTERRA essential oils for you or your other pets, please contact Dr. Yamamoto for further information and support.  You can learn more about doTERRA essential oils and purchase oils through the following link: 

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