Peaceful Pets In-Home Euthanasia Services - "Compassion and Comfort for You and Your Pet"
CONSULTATION:  With your initial call, Dr. Yamamoto will talk with you about your pet and answer any questions you have regarding potential need for service.  She will discuss your pet's condition, quality of life, and set up a home visit if that is what is decided. There is no charge for phone consultations. 
EUTHANASIA:  A sedative injection is always given prior to euthanasia to allow your pet to relax and be as comfortable as possible.  A temporary catheter is then placed once your pet is sedate.  We use a series of three injections (through the catheter) for the euthanasia -- Propofol (anesthesia), euthanasia solution, and saline (to flush the catheter).  
AFTERCARE: At the end of the visit, unless you have made other arrangements, Dr. Yamamoto will transport your pet for cremation.   You can choose either individual cremation (return of ashes) or communal cremation (no return of ashes).   We will personally deliver ashes back to your home within 10-14 days, if you choose that option.
CLAY PAW PRINTS: The aftercare company offers a clay paw print for an additional $30.
We utilize the services of Guardian Animal Aftercare (
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