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What is Quality of Life?

When we talk about quality of life for our pets, we're referring to their overall well-being, including their physical health, comfort, and ability to enjoy life. It's about assessing how healthy and content they are, as well as their ability to participate in activities that bring them joy.

Making quality of life decisions for our beloved pets can be a daunting task. To help you navigate this process, we encourage you to consider using quality-of-life scales and calendars. These tools can provide structure to your discussions within the family and offer a more objective way to evaluate your pet's condition and well-being.

In addition to our phone consultations, these resources can be invaluable in ensuring that your decisions are well-informed and guided by the best interests of your furry companion

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Exploring questionnaires and tests designed to assess various facets of your beloved pet's life and well-being, helping you gain insights into their comfort, happiness, and overall quality of life



The Grey Muzzle App has calendar that allows you to see the month at a glance, along with a summary page featuring a pie chart illustrating your pet's progress



This helps you track the good days and the challenging ones, providing valuable insights into your pet's quality of life

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