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February 23, 2024

Standing nearly 3 feet tall at the top of his head, and being a people lover, Bullet had always commanded attention wherever he went. Only the strongest admirers were able to (literally) stand as Bullet leaned his 110 lb. self against them, so that they too, could be covered in his hair while petting him. There were 3 things Bullet could never get enough of: being petted, being brushed and yogurt! He took his job as guardian of the ranch seriously, even to the point of needing stitches way too many times, but he never backed down to any animal that threatened his family. He was full of personality and had no qualms about telling us off if he didn't receive what he considered the correct amount of treats! We were truly blessed when Dr. Yamamoto and Kyra filled Bullet's tummy with treats as he drifted off to the sleep without pain. Peaceful Pets Service is the best thing that could ever happen to your pet at the end of their life, we can't thank them enough!!!

Gina H. and Charlee

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