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April 22, 2023

We adopted our sweet Chloe from a rescue when she was almost a year old. She loved going on short walks, playing with her toys, but most of all snuggling on someone's lap on the couch. She ALWAYS wanted to be on someone's lap. We are so thankful to have had so many years and memories with her. She would go camping with us to the desert and the beach. She was a great traveler because all she needed was a lap to sit on. Saying goodbye to our Chloe was very difficult, but she was surrounded by her entire family. We are grateful to have had Dr. Yamamoto and Sunnie and the service they provide. The soft tone of their voice, the gentle stroke of their hand on Chloe's head and body, and having Chloe in my lap will be a beautiful memory I will never forget. Chloe, you will be forever in my lap and in my heart!


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