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June 11, 2020

Our Cookie Monster, Cooks, Crumbs...she was a human covered in fur with four legs. She had quite the personality. She was as involved as she could be in the happenings of human life. Some examples of this were rummaging in the grocery bags post grocery shopping, jumping on the bed and scurrying under the covers while bed making, greeting us upon every home arrival, and communicating with multiple tones of “meow.” She was a chest cuddler. She would lay on our chests and pur, nussel our ears, and sometimes take up the whole pillow as her bed when it was time to go to sleep. She was the cat that was liked, even not being a cat person. She made friends with everyone that crossed her path. She was once called the converter by one who was terrified of cats. Such a lover. Our heart kitty.

Michelina P

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