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June 30, 2022

I got Freddie in 2009 with some money I got for Christmas. I remember pulling into the parking lot and picking Freddie from him and his sister. I remember him being so small I just held him and kissed him. I had no idea that I would share 12 and a half of my best years with him. He loved his toys. He never misbehaved, honestly if it didn’t have anything to do with his toys, then he wasn’t interested. We went on many hikes where he got to pee on every bush and play in the water, we had many pool days where he would swim and relax, we played a lot of fetch, and snuggled under a lot of blankets. Freddie loved the sunshine. He would move from spot to spot in the house to follow the sun. He loved to eat berries, he was crazy about ice cubes, and he enjoyed a banana from time to time. He had the stinkiest roots, but that’s one of the things we loved about him the most. He could snore louder than any man. He was so funny and always made us laugh with his silly mannerisms, and all the cute noises that he made. But he had the sweetest temperament and was so loyal. He went my many names, Fred, fwed, mister man, little one, Fredrick, meester weeskers, buddy, small one, precious boy. I miss him so much and I miss the bond we built. He depended on me, and I depended on him. I am lost without him.

Erika R

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