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February 10, 2024

Goku came into our lives at 8 weeks old right before Christmas. He was such a little bundle of joy and fun with his cute little chubby wrinkles. Being that he was so young, he was a perfect addition to our family with two girls age 4 and 6. The bond between them grew as Goku learned the ropes and began to show his personality more and more. As he grew and became strong, he learned how to be gentle and still playful. As soon as he was tall enough, he would reach to see out the front window. Soon enough he was given a small stool so he could sit by the window waiting for the kids to come home from school or people watching. A lot of times my youngest daughter would sit with him by the window. They were best buddies.

He was always conflicted on going out in our yard to chase a lizard or his other favorite pass time: napping by our feet. He was protective, but still very much a puppy and loved the attention anyone would give him. He looked tough and even though muscular and strong, he was such a baby when taking a bath. He was my shadow around the house, and now that he is gone, the silence is deafening. He died at just over 2 years old while we were away at a family birthday party. When we knew he was missing, we asked neighbors and finally found out he was hit by a car. We decided we wanted to have him with us always and had him cremated by Peaceful Pets.


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