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November 7, 2021

Herbie was the best family dog. We had an amazing 16 years with him being in our family as he was our first baby and he not only put up with 4 kids going through the toddler phase where they wouldn't leave him alone but he loved them. He loved to be snuggled and scratched near his back end/tail, he loved to be walked. He also was a Houdini and escape artist but he would always come back. He loved to play fetch and get teased with a toy and pounce on it. He always greeted you and was so excited to see you. He loved sunbathing in the sun and loved the snow. He was just the sweetest soul. We sure miss our Sweet Herbie, our love bug, our Herbster, our Herbzzz, and Houdini. He made us laugh.. He made us smile. So grateful for Peaceful Pets who helped us laugh and cry through all the sweet memories with us as we peacefully said good bye our wonderful first baby.

Heather K

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