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March 22, 2022

Our Dearest Kahlua

From the moment you saw us as a little pup on the bed of the pickup truck amongst your brothers and sisters you ran up and chose us. From that day until your last you were a loyal protective shadow. Your excitement for every day and all activities we did as a family was unmatched. You bolted everywhere as if you were a small dog with Zoomies. You had the best cuddles and always knew and watched over our emotional well being. You loved and respected your big sister even when you wanted to be pack leader and lead the charge on hikes. You would growl at neighbors and other dogs with that unicorn stuffy on your mouth. (So tough you looked) You would swim as much as you could and even snuck in when your paws had just been bandaged up from minor injuries at the vet. You were Unconditional love at all times and showed it by loudly wagging that tail on furniture and walls. A true Gift we shall Never Forget. We love you forever sweet KK.

Jorge R

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