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December 18, 2021

Petey came into our world 15 years ago on December 17, 2006 and left us on December 18, 2021

Petey was a rambunctious little puppy as soon as we got him. In the beginning we were overwhelmed with the amount of energy he brought to our home. We adjusted quickly as he brought joy to our lives through his frequent playing, hunting (possums, lizards, wild birds, snakes, and gophers), and snuggles.

Despite Petey’s natural tendency to hunt, he was affectionate to his fellow pets in our home. One pet in particular was our Cockatiel named Chewy. Despite being different species, Petey and Chewy communicated. Chewy would alert Petey to animals in the yard as well as visitors. Petey was a highly intelligent dog, and on the few occasions when Chewy would fall out of his cage, he would rush over to Chewy but not touch him as he knew Chewy was his buddy and not to be harmed. They were friends for many years until Chewy’s untimely passing in 2018.

In addition to being gentle with Chewy, Petey was also affectionate and gentle with our granddaughter. Petey was curious with our granddaughter and allowed her to pet and touch him without being aggressive. He would kiss and snuggle with her. Our granddaughter was lucky to have spent her first years with Petey as he was an excellent dog to show her how to respect and love animals.

It is difficult to condense 15 great fun filled years with Petey. All of us have our own stories on how he made our lives so happy. He loved to snuggle anywhere and with anyone. He would jump onto Dad’s lap when he‘d least expect it . He’d get on the couch in the morning for his daily massages. Most of all he would play with his toys. He would bring out every toy he had in the yard or inside the house to entice you to play with him. It was funny to watch. We miss it dearly. He was always ready to play with his ball whether we were ready or not.

We miss this precious dog and can’t imagine any other dog being as sensitive or caring as he was. It is hard to not have him during this time of grief. Petey was there for us during the loss of loved ones, bad news, or just feeling down. He was a great consoler. It’s hard not having him during this time but we were lucky to have had him for the brief time we did. He lived in the present and didn’t ask for much but gave us everything he had to make us happy. Thank you Petey!

Rest In Peace Petey Dog

We will always love you

Leonor P.

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