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February 22, 2021

February 22, 2021 we said goodbye to our sassy Tripps. She came to us in 2004 as a stray kitten that had been in a car fan belt accident. She lost one rear leg, most of her tail, and had scars over her top half. Now, what she had lost physically she sure made up for in attitude. She was a total bitch throughout her life, smacking the other animals, the kids, and my husband and I on occasion. She was notorious for yowling anytime I was on the phone. She had to be sedated to groom her long hair and did slice open a technician's hand during a grooming. She demanded her treats and bullied all other pets in the house. If you asked her, she owned the lower portion of the stairs in our house. And she really thought she was a huge dog! Despite her attitude, we loved her and will miss her. Rest in peace Tripps, just be nice to the other pets over the Rainbow Bridge!

Jeanette Y

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