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September 20, 2019

Asta was a live find disaster search and rescue for FEMA. She worked on Virginia Task Force 1 as well as California Task Force 5, she even deployed to the 2018 California Mudslides. In her retirement she trained many handlers all over the US and became my first service dog for hearing alert and PTSD. Asta taught me everything to know about working with high drive working dogs and always kept us on her toes. She never showed any hint of pain nor did she let us know until the day before we euthanized her (I firmly believe she did not want us to know she had cancer, she was an insanely playful and happy dog all the way to her passing) we miss her everyday and miss her keeping the rest of our in training working dogs in line. She had a firm paw in shaping our current FEMA HRD disaster dog Ouiji and passed along her attitude along to her successor.

Jaley H.

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