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March 18, 2022

Fiona was a sweet and gentle Shetland Sheepdog who became a Therapy Dog five years ago! Fiona was just 8 weeks old when she came to live with us. She kept us entertained and loved for the next 12 plus years! Fiona was raised by Bridget, our Westie, and they were quite the pair playing, chasing and traveling with us! In later years she welcomed Tinker and Mercer, her adopted brothers! Mercer became bonded with Fiona and she watched out for him and taught him how to be a family dog! Fiona is missed by Don, me, Tinker, Mercer and all who knew and loved her! Thank you, Fiona, for always tucking us into bed at night and being that quiet leader of our pack! We love you, sweet girl!!!

Mary P

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