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Killer Bee

March 8, 2022

Our sweet Bee. Meek and timid Killer-Bee. Killer Bee always gave her love so gently and was patient in receiving. She had the softest purr that put her Mom to sleep. She loved to curl up with her Mom’s clothes, shoes, and lap. Basking in the sun was another favorite. She was attached to her Mama most definitely, and followed her sister’s lead: Cookie. These two were quite a pair. When Cookie was in her last days, Killer-Bee did not leave her side. She bathed her and gave her and her Mama all the love she could. This continued with Mom once Cookie crossed the rainbow. Opposed to Killer-Bee curling up to the side of Mom for sleeping times, she took her sister’s chest and pillow spot...waiting for this space but also fulfilling for both Mama and sister. Bee had her gentle side, but also let anyone or any other pet know when she did not want to be bothered. She liked having her space, and fought for her time with Mom. She was once called a Warrior Princess. A warrior for her existence, for her sister, and for Mama.

Michelina P

Killer Bee
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