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July 2, 2022

Tikki joined our family in 2007 as a 10 week old feisty puppy, and left our family a loyal, loving 15 year old. He sent one of us to the ER for an errant puppy tooth to the nose and he was the patient when he once gobbled down an earring… he moved around the country with us SIX times before landing in Santa Clarita. He joined into family photos without being asked and he allowed the addition of a feisty kitten in 2020. He was a companion and protector the the three kids that came into his life, was happy and healthy until the onset of heart disease around 14 years old.

He took us from our 20’s to our 40’s and we will miss him.

We cannot thank Peaceful Pets enough for the care and love they showed.

Mandy G

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