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July 1, 2017

Our sweet Zoey had a big personality. She loved to be in the center of the crowd and always worked her way to the middle of the group. Not too easy for a Bullmastiff. She was most comfortable in our home and we would often find her napping in the silliest positions. We started to notice that she was gaining weight while I was put on bedrest for pre-term labor, and we just associated it with a lack of exercise since I wasn't able to walk her. But then we noticed other changes with her muscle function. At that point we began the weekly trips to the vet's office to see what the problem could be. We tried different medications, but at that point, she could barely stand up. Each time we took her to the vet, she would shake and we would have to end up carrying her, all 120 lbs of her, into the office. Even when she was healthy, it was a battle to get her in the door. When we finally decided that it was time to let her go, we were so grateful that we found Peaceful Pets and we were able to say goodbye to her surrounded by the people she loved, and in the comfort of the place she loved best.

The Davis Family

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